Hitaro's Aplication

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Hitaro's Aplication

Postby Hitaro » Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:54 am

1. What is it that brought you to our forums, or has caused you interest in joining our org? Did someone approach you about recruitment or did you find us on your own through teaming or any other method? If someone is recruiting you and has sent you here, please list there ingame name.

Well I have seen people from your org around and I was told to go here to apply. I am looking for a good org to invest my time in.

2. How long have you been playing Anarchy Online?

I have been playing for about 7 mo now.

3. Is this your first Neutral char, have you others (alts) that you would eventually like to join to the org as well if you find we suit your needs as an org.

I have many neut toons. I would eventually like to add most to the org if your org fits my needs.

3a. How long have you played Anarchy Online, free or payed as a Neutral?

I have been a neut for about 6 mo.

4. What is your ingame char name(s) that you are wanting recruitment on?


5. Are you a froob (free player/newbie) or do you have the expansions, if yes then which expansions. (To better help myself and other raid/event organizers pre-plan things in the future, do you prefer RK over SL or AI over SL or any specifics or not care at all).

I have two paid accounts and 2 froob accounts. My paid accounts are full paid. Since I have had full accounts I don't really know the distinction between all the expansions. But I do like the exp in sl better.

6. Have you ever belonged to a Neutral org in the past?


6a. If you have just left or are planning to leave your current org to join RKS, please explain why.. if you prefer it to remain confidential you may tell myself or your recruiter why instead. (Obviously if you are leaving or have left your current org, we want to make sure that the same will not happen with us).

Well here is the problem. I was in the defiant. When the last split occured I left because there was to much org turmoil. I have joined another org, Ghost walkers. But they are small. I do have a couple of toons that will not be leaving GW. I also have 1 toon in 3F. Most of the time I am ignored or there is no one on. So that poses a problem for me, since I will and have go way out of my way to help any of them but never realy get much help in return.

7. While we do not discriminate against age, sex, creed, color or any other real life qualities, and we are a 'family' orientated guild, we do try to limit 'adult' talk in the main chat, though as with any situation, sometimes things don't always work out that way, in which case I do ask your age.. it will not have any effect on whether or not you are recruited, but helps myself.

I am 28. I have 3 kids and very much understand keeping things pg.

8. While we are not an 'RP Org' we do at times participate in the events sponsored by the ARKs and even player sponsored ones, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very interested, 1 being none at all.. how much does role-playing matter to you and do you prefer to remain 'in character' (addressed only by your IG name and sticking with the story-line and the like) at all times?

I ould go with 5. I have toons that never break char. and others I just don't bother.

9. Have you read and do you understand and agree with the Guild Code of Conduct?

Yes I have, and yes I do.

10. We have many players from all over the world, and do try to schedule raids, events, meetings and the like so all can participate, though it is difficult at times we try our best.. Please give us your time zone and location, and while we do have many people from all over the globe, we are an english (in main chat) guild.. do you speak and understand english enough to feel comfortable in that language environment?

I am in -8GMT

11. Are you a casual (only on the weekends type of gamer) or a hard core (you'll see me all the time) type of player?

Lately I have been on only been on around 20 hrs a week.

12. Are your intentions to stay 100% Neutral from the day you are promoted to a Unit Member? We have many friends in our guest channels, and 'sister' orgs of both factions, and do not tolerate hateful behavior in RKS. We normally have a very active chat, but in the chat, is where the war stops and the fun should be.. we are not participants of the Omni/Clan battle and prefer to remain neutral on all fronts when it comes to the main chat.. to ensure a casual and enjoyable atmosphere for all, members & guests alike. If you have a sided toon they are welcome to join our guest channel but the same chat rules apply there as well. Upon accepting promotion to UM from an Applicant (usually done at our weekly Saturday meetings after 2-4 weeks ((depending, in some cases I'll promote outside the meeting since not all can make them due to real life)) and based on participation and activeness within the org), it means that you intend to stay neutral and stick it out with us all the way.. using the org to level up and leave for another neutral or change factions is highly frowned upon, unless there is prior knowledge these are your intentions (i.e; myself (leader) or a General is aware of this).

I do intend to stay neut as well as stay with your org. I am not a washy person that only goes where I gain the most benifit. I am looking to make friends online and join an org where I can make them.

13. What is it, if anything, you hope to achieve from joining the RK ShadowS.. is there anything in particular that appealed to you?

Mostly size. I will have a larger knowledge base as well as a better chance to make lots of friends.

14. Is there anything special you would like to say about yourself or what it was that brought you to the attention of the ShadowS? Do you have any special qualities you think the org as a whole could benefit from such as TS'ing, experienced/old-school player.. twinker extroardinare? (This won't judge on whether or not you are recruited, just nice to know something special about each new (and old) members )

I can not say I am the best @ anything in game. But I do have a good working knoldge of the game as a whole and can help more inexperianced players to find their niche.

15. Is this toon alt or main? If alt, what side is main? (Note: Answering this question makes 1-3, 5-8, and 10-14 Optional)

Well to be honest I don't really have a main as of yet. Most all of my toons are neut. I have 2 omni toons with no org. and 2 clan toons that also have no org.

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Re: Hitaro's Aplication

Postby enigma » Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:17 am

If someone online hasn't done so already, welcome to RK ShadowS Hitaro, and I hope that we do suit your needs as an org, I will be online tomorrow and can invite you then if no one has recruited you yet. (If you remember the name of the person who told you about us/recruited you can you please let me know via here or a PM here /tell ingame - helps me to keep track :))

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Re: Hitaro's Aplication

Postby mes » Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:02 pm

Our regular hang-out spot is at newland, front of the shops, you can also come meet us there.
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