New to the Shadows .. and happy ^^

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New to the Shadows .. and happy ^^

Postby CaptainZerO » Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:38 pm

Hey guys!

I have already been joined up.. but i thought i'd just formally introduce myself here anyways.

My org character is Harrybutler... kind of a joke name really. Named after a 'Steve Irwin' type guy who had a wildlife show on TV. He loved to pick up critters and wave them at the camera for us, but he ALWAYS put them back where he found them... that was like his motto or something... anyway.. thought it might be good for a laugh seeings the toon is an advy :P

Sovereignlea (or Woo or Ladywoo as she is better known) and myself joined the game well over a year ago, and we love it. We were signed up into the World Trading Corporation by a guy named Worldtrader not long after starting, and have made some great friends there. The org is kinda small and boring though, and most of the time these days there isnt anyone on at all :( Plus they have no city or player shops and dont do ai raids or anything fun :( so we decided to find ourselves a new org. We have plenty of alts and will probably move some more over to RKS soon.

Just wanted to say that in the short time we have been in RKS we have met some GREAT pplz and are sure that we will become good friends with many of you. We used to see you guys around Newland when we first joined AO, it seemed like there was always someone around.. so we figured you must be a pretty good org. Over a year later we discovered we were wrong... its a GREAT ORG!!! :D

Worldtrader made me 2IC in the World Trading Corp so I really cant leave them for good. He sure has looked after us and for that we will always remain faithful to some extent. I have also formed my own tiny org consisting of myself and Woo... (and lots of our alts ^^) the org is called Zeros Heroes and is just for fun really. We host several bots for orgs and also a forum for the WTC.

hmmm i think thats about it for my boring history... bottom line is... i love to have FUN and have found plenty of it in RKS... thanks for having us on board and we are happy to do anything we can to help out in any way!


PS: Pleeeease call me Cap....

or Cappy or Zero or like whatever :D
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Postby enigma » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:02 pm

Let me be the first to say that we are very glad to have you with us, both of you! :) As far as Worldtrader goes and your want to remain with them to an extent.. to me that is just another notch of respect, especially when someone helps you get started, keeps you going and doesn't walk away so easy.. and from what I know of WTC and Worldtrader.. he's a good guy, and I do understand your need to stay to an extent. No worries.. you are welcome with as many toons as you want, in RKS or in WTC or in your own org ZH and you can always join guest channel when you're not on a toon in RKS, just ask for a guest invite :) But we look forward to moving forward in small and big steps this year with some new faces, welcome to the ShadowS ^^
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