Attli - The Man Behind the Mask

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Attli - The Man Behind the Mask

Postby Contradictor » Thu Aug 30, 2007 10:56 pm

Query: Omni-Pol Investigative Report 00q971 - Classified
Subject: Case files relating to Sitra Achra, aka Attli
Send to: SchAdm@omnipol.grid

Here follows all known files on 'Attli,' wanted for numerous charges of robbery, treason, blackmail, assault, menacing, and murder:

Biography: Sitra Achra, or Attli as he is now called, was a typical Rubi-Kan for most of his young life. When he turned 15 he enlisted with Omni-Pol, where he career skyrocketed after he saved two children from a kidnapper. Both children were related to high ranking Omni-Pol officials, and Attli soon found himself Assistant Director of an underground branch of Omni-Pol at the young age of 19. His peers described him as brilliant yet detached, with an aura of secrecy and paranoia. Although disliked by most of his co-workers due to his sarcasm and manipulative personality, no one could deny he was brilliant at what he did. At the age of 22, it was looking like he would become the next Director of Covert Operations at Omni-Pol, when his career plummeted. When it was decided that Omni-AF troops would occupy the neutral city of Borealis, Attli refused to aid the operation and was arrested for treason. He was sentenced to 15 years in the Newland High Security Prison.
NOTE: After this point all records of Attli become unclear as he disappeared from the Prison two months after his conviction, and there have been no confirmed sightings since his escape.

Crimes: Sitra 'Attli' Achra is wanted for treason. It is also suspected he was partially responsible for the brutal murder of two Omni-Pol officers who were attempting to arrest a suspected terrorist who was hiding in Newland. Also, there are numerous reports of Omni-AF guards who have been injured or killed while stationed in Borealis. The lack of hard evidence in these reports leads Omni-Pol officers to believe that a highly trained individual with an intimate knowledge of the workings of Omni-Pol is responsible. Attli is the prime suspect in all of these cases.

Status: Location - Unknown. Family - All Deceased.

Danger Level: 5 - Armed and Dangerous. If seen, do NOT approach, call for backup asap. He is skilled in all manners of weapons and will not hesitate to kill if threatened.

NOTE: This is all known data that is available at this time. This document is Level E Classified and is NOT to be released for fear of causing unneeded panic. If he is spotted take care of him quietly, the fact that we've let someone this dangerous loose could cause massive political upheaval - James

Adam, put this info to good use, you're one of 6 people that knows who this guy really is. All the public has is a Wanted poster stating he's 'Wanted for Questioning.'

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