Survey: Have you experienced a death lately?

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Survey: Have you experienced a death lately?

Postby mes » Thu Aug 30, 2007 10:32 am

As a Rubi-Kan member of the administrative division, I'd like to collect your thoughts and experiences from a subject that is not easy for anyone of us. The Subject being Death.

Despite being highly trained professionals carrying out our duties often with maximum security and best equipment available, it has to be faced that our colleagues, organization members, close friends, relatives or even Yourself, are constantly balancing on the sharp edge of a knife. Not many of us working on the field have the comfort of office and quiet work at these times, and seeing death and violence every day may cause unexpected psychological and physiological symptoms. Let it be forces of Rubi-Kan or of non-human origin, wildlife or accident, they all pose a constant threat, and it has to be made sure that the insurance system and medical treatment is available at all times.

Due to the current technology, clinically dead person can be revived in a matter of minutes, thanks to the revolutionary nano programming done in Rubi-Kan laboratories past the century, and of course the introduction of planetwide insurance policy system and certain psychological agent -type of nano programs that have made the often extremely challenging recovery of brain much easier.

However, working as intended, there is often questions left unasked that I would like to shed some light on. Death being often a highly traumatic experience even for the most seasoned specialist, people tend to leave these things unspoken. RK lacking much of public health systems, studying the subject is often nothing by shoddy statistics and bits of information.

You may answer any of the questions and feel free to answer even the unasked.

Have you/member of your squad/close friend/relative experienced a clinical death within the last month? What kind of circumstances did lead to an experience of death?

What kind of impact did death have on your personal life, if any?

Have you experienced a near-death lately? How have you been able to deal with the situation and receive aid?

Has the insurance policy worked for you? Has it left you with traumatic experiences, long term loss of memory or any other psychological symptoms? Has it caused you problems with your everyday life?

Have you experienced physiological problems, any other than the standard reconstruction sickness?

If it has caused problems for you, what kind of medical aid have you received?

Have you asked help from any member of the administrative / medical division in form of psychological / medical aid and/or insurance agent program? Have you been able to recollect and overcome your experience of death?

Have you been always treated with respect and decency during the process? Despite being a member of any recognizable faction or organization?

Thank you for your time.

The answers will be used in private research which has not been funded by any major faction or organization. No identities in any form will be published.
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