Mibrazen Muses Upon Rezzing

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Mibrazen Muses Upon Rezzing

Postby Mibrazen » Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:22 pm

Mibrazen rezzed at the terminal and stood still for a moment looking out on the vista of Newland City. Hard to believe it had been over a year since she arrived there. Her eyes swept over the cliffs and the shops below. At the moment the sun was shining, allowing the dust and sand from the desert to settle everywhere. Still, this rock scrabble town was the closest she had ever known to a home. Sure it wasn't for the faint of heart or the soft ones accustomed to living in an Omni-Tek city, but it was just fine for her.

It was the kind of place her parents could have thrived in if they had survived. Mibrazen shook her head. Had been a long time since her parents crept into her mind. She wondered what caused her to invoke them now. How many years had it been? Surely twenty now since she ran home to find them huddled together, her father's body covering her mother, protecting her even in death. She still marveled at the strength of her parents commitment to each other, so much so that her mother left Omni-Tek and her father fled his clan. The two became committed to neutrality which was the only path that would allow them to live together in peace. Never did know for sure who killed them...could have been Omni-Tek punishing one of their doctors for going rogue and marrying a clan trader. Could have been her father's clan, could have just been some random thugs, In the end it didn't matter much. They were still dead, and she was alone. But against all odds, she survived, alone, self reliant and neutral for life. That same self reliance caused her to hesitate to join up with the other Spirit Walkers. The idea of being in an organization, relying on, helping and being helped by others was foreign to her. But these were good people and she liked the way they wandered the corners of Rubi-Ka, respecting solitude but ready to support when needed. They were the closest thing to a family she would ever.

Mibazen shook herself again. Enough of all that melancholy reverie. Time to report back what she had uncovered while out in the hinterlands. She took one last look over the city and set off for the Fair Trade.

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