Sugarcat - Journal: Lost on Rubi-ka

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Sugarcat - Journal: Lost on Rubi-ka

Postby Sugarcat » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:38 pm

I remember waking up.
I remember the sunrise.
I remember a doctor telling me I was in the Shadowlands. Unfortunately, I remember nothing before that day.

They (still not sure who they are) gave me a bracer and tricked me into suffering through tests that appeared to be too difficult for me to survive. But, I did survive, I should note here 'they' appeared rather surprized that I did. I completed all their tests and was apparently deemed worthy of rich rewards and safe passage to Nascence.

'Safe passage to Nascence' turned into a death trap. I have spent my entire existance on this planet trying to survive, explore and learn. I feel this is only way I will ever find my way home.

I just want to go home. Right after I find out where 'home' is. I know in my heart it's not here. But all these years later, I still have no more information than the day the sun rose and woke my slumber.

But I still want to go home.

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Re: Sugarcat - Journal: Lost on Rubi-ka

Postby Egri » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:23 am

Very good. Thanks for posting. Gave me a smile. I need to post mine.
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