A brief conversation of a Promotion I was happy to bestow

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A brief conversation of a Promotion I was happy to bestow

Postby Ndure » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:06 am

[Team] Xiquelle: hiya!
[Team] Solbrazen: hey there
[Team] Ndure: Brazen could you approach please?
[Team] Solbrazen: sure whats up?
[Team] Solbrazen: lol Xiquelle every time I see you with that mechanical eye and the heels I just laugh
[Team] Xiquelle: ^.^
[Team] Ndure: In regards to your recent activity in the field of Roleplaying i would like to bestow upon you the Title of Acting Minister of Roleplaying...and expect you to fulfil the duties of that office with the regard with which they demand.
[Team] Solbrazen: ha! sure cool
[Team] Solbrazen: my pleasure
[Team] Ndure: and as we see how Roleplaying progresses within our Orgs...i have the most confidence the Acting will most certainly be dropped from the Title
[Team] Solbrazen: :) well we'll see what develops
[Team] Xiquelle: ahem!
[Team] Ndure: with these duties comes the ability to appoint yourself a Secretary of Roleplaying and Under Secretary....to assist you in fulfilling your duties.
[Team] Ndure: these positions will of course come under review of our Leadership.
[Team] Ndure: Do you so accept?
[Team] Solbrazen: oh definitely
[Team] Solbrazen: glad to serve
[Team] Ndure: Then with Xiquelle as my Witness i do so bestow
[Team] Ndure: you may add Acting Minister of Roleplaying to your Title
[Team] Xiquelle: we believe that a solid core of roleplayers, even if it's just 2 or 3 people at first, can set an example and encourage others to join in the fun :)
[Team] Ndure: and the promotion to Squad Commander may be bestowed to Mibrazen as soon as possible
[Team] Solbrazen: I agree and I appreciate your confidence in me
[Team] Solbrazen: ...on the small group thing
[Team] Ndure: Congratulations Brazen....well done!
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Re: A brief conversation of a Promotion I was happy to besto

Postby Timal » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:40 am

Congratulations Brazen !

when I left yesterday you asked me if I was to come with you next thursday... what is planned ? We do a fiesta for this promotion ? cocktail at skybar? barbecue at Brontoburger ? swimmingpool partyat 4holes pool ?
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Re: A brief conversation of a Promotion I was happy to besto

Postby Mibrazen » Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:48 pm

Just want to thank the organization leadership for having confidence in me. Hopefully we have some great role play fun ahead. In the meantime, every one think about their back stories and get them posted. I hope to have mine up at the end of the weekend so folks will have an example.

ToTW for froobs and low level alts tonite!

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Re: A brief conversation of a Promotion I was happy to besto

Postby Egri » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:40 pm

Put the TOTW thing on the calendar... if you don't mind. Sorry I can't join you. Turns out, even if I had a TOTW toon, I'm unable to attend.. :(

I'll be there for the next one!

Gratz on the appointment. Make sure you put it in your signature and your login for AO with the !Login command. (or !logon... frig.. whichever)

Also, where we posting the back stories?
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