A Warrior Reborn - Part 1

For the story teller in all of us; behind the normal day to day battles, there's always an untold tale waiting to be born. Here's the place to do it. No OOC please, in-character/in-game stories here only!
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A Warrior Reborn - Part 1

Postby Contradictor » Wed May 07, 2008 1:47 am

The smoke cleared.

Someone coughed.

Some rubble shifted.

The top of the rubble pile was slowly shifted away, revealing an extremely battered helmet. From the helmet came curses in languages spanning the history of Rubi-Ka, curses that would have made even the most devious boss of the Syndicate blush. Attli slowly and painfully raised himself from the remains of the 10 story building that had collapsed around, and on him. After recovering his equilibrium and adjusting his helmet, which had been knocked askew in the blast, his training kicked in. He quickly and expertly surveyed the mess around him, checking for signs of life from the wreck. What he saw made his blood run cold. Coming around the corner was a troop of Omni-Pol troops, in their characteristic glossy black armour. Following them came two of the unicorn brutes. These behemoths were the prime example of genetic science gone wrong. They were the equivalent of taking an atrox, injecting him with multiple steroids, suiting them out with armor from a gunship, and firepower to match. Attli took one look at his weapon, and grimaced. The barrel was hanging loosely from where it met with the stock, the magazine was dented and jammed, and the scope was nowhere to be found. The troops would be no problem, even with a broken weapon. But.....those unicorns would pose a serious threat.
Seeing no other option, Attli put his trademark skills to the test. He triggered the weapon's self-destruct, and dropped it in the hole that had almost been his grave. He engaged his cloaking device and became one with the wreckage around him. A blinding flash and deafening sound signaled the last duty of his weapon, and he used it to his advantage. As the troops ran up to see the source of the explosion, Attli skirted around them, ran down the street, and turned the same corner they had come around.........and ran straight into the hulking mass of a Unicorn Specialist.

To be continued...

((Feel free to comment/criticize, and I hope you enjoyed it :) ))
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Postby enigma » Mon May 12, 2008 3:20 am

((VERY glad to see this saga continue :P and look forward to more when you can find the time.. all my stories are in my head for the moment and I'm having issues putting them to [paper] so to speak.. lot of hurdles in my path currently but following your example, a good one at that.. and working on it as I can.. welcome back from reclaim secret agent man 8) ))
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