For the story teller in all of us; behind the normal day to day battles, there's always an untold tale waiting to be born. Here's the place to do it. No OOC please, in-character/in-game stories here only!
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Postby Contradictor » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:59 am

[OOC] Everyone has a tale, lets here 'em. Dont be shy, dont be timid, we all have something to contribute to the world. RP has a lot of potential, but so much of it is lost in the everlasting grind for 220. Roleplaying is a nice way to kick back and relax from the grind, share stories either entirely made up, or maybe true events just twisted to fit the game and your character. It brings a whole new level of depth into the game, and creates a closer and more family-like atmosphere.

Yes, this is the actor side of me speaking. Those of you Im close to within the org know I always have a story to tell. I know everyone else does as well. We're not all authors, some of us are rather bad typists as well. Don't let that discourage you, type a character bio, maybe a short story telling something of your life on Rubi-Ka, and post it here for everyone to see. If your not comfortable having your name attached to it, thats a shame, but if you PM it to me Ill post it anonymously for you.

Let the creativity flow, let the emotion out, I encourage you to give it a whirl.

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Postby enigma » Wed Nov 14, 2007 12:53 pm

[OOC] I totally agree with Brad on this one.. for me, the writer in me.. this is just another venue of expressing myself. I was a professional writer for a long time, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and many other styles.. When I got sick(er) I let that inhibit my writing and inadvertently developed a horrible case of writers block.. I also let the acronyms, abbreviations and general internet slang blend in with my everyday style of writing and communicating through the web.. so with those 2 not necessarily bad (not the 2nd part anyway) things happening to me and cramping my ability to be the writer I was and loved, it's finally starting to clear some and I'm working on some stories [IC] and [OOC] as well as just basic correspondence like journals [blogging] lol. I enjoy, actually LOVE to write, and encourage anyone with an imagination to do so, even if you never show anyone what you wrote.. it's just another way to get out your emotions sometimes.. especially us *over emotional* <wink> people. My 2-tin cents as always. Watch for some more from me soon.. the tale of Auryin and Trauma have been working their way to [paper] lol. :) -Rene
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Postby Helhoundress » Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:18 am

hmmm,might take you up on that Contra...i am a terrible story writer :(
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