The Betrayal

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The Betrayal

Postby mes » Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:35 pm

((I haven't really thought any kind of backstory for Messa, she's just an ordinary bureaucrat, living in Jobe. What's this about is that I have a whole different set of twists and turns for my Meta-Physicists, Deraynes))

During the year 29473, Richard Deraynes was young Omni Citizen with a future. Omni-Pol would be an optimal career, constant restless news from the wastelands called for a larger number of security forces. Even the civil war was over, Omni was recruiting more manpower to keep up with the rogue factions, most notably Dust Brigade, which was still seen as a major threat to the peace. He signed up for an extensive training to work as one of the urban peacekeepers. Later on he was certified with top performance of his class and was transfered to a special training in order to graduate as legimate officer.

Omni Research treated this very division with certain "experimental procedures", as they called it. Purpose was to create soldiers more intelligent and more mentally aware than their counterparts. They wanted superior combat abilities mixed with an efficient way to run heavy, experimental nano programs which were to change the whole nature of close combat. Downside was these programs's complexity, barely the programmers knew what they did and how. However the destructive power of these newly developed programs was something the researchers didn't want to be left unused.

Homo Nano was considered as a success, more or less, and what they wanted, was to imprint the genetic code which allowed the maximum usage of human cortex and brain capacity, to ordinary people. With advanced cybernetics and genetic tampering, they wanted to create something that would resemble the extraordinary capabilities of nano breed without the downsides of degraded physique and other problems.

The experiment hasn't seen any daylight ever since. Results were disastrous in many ways. Almost every trainee, or subject, died during the process. Internal bleeding, tumors, cancer, mutations and injuries of the cortex and the brain, mental disorders, epilepsy, psychosis, unexplained NCU activity, hostile behaviour, apathy, suicides.

A few survived, but they were considered as nothing but failures and were cast out. Like mutants, left to die to the unused notum mines, abandoned service tunnels and whatever was found on the barely terraformed wastelands. Richard Deraynes managed to survive sane long enough to avoid the worst fate but his mind and body twisted with unknown technology started to evolve in a way he couldn't control.

He was later classified as violent and mentally unfit for service. The records indicate that he was constantly experiencing hallucinations and claimed to be in contact with demons. He was accused of two murders, one being his working partner in Omni-Pol, second one his personal doctor who was part of the experimental training program. His partner was discovered in condition which could not be explained, same with the doctor. Mr. Deraynes himself didn’t show any signs of violence in either cases and what troubled the officers, was the case of his partner who was found killed in his apartment while Mr. Deraynes was carrying his duties. However Deraynes’s DNA and matching nano traces was found on the scene and he was accused.

Trial was done closed doors and he was set to be lobotomized and his citizenship to be revoked. Later set of events indicate that judgement was put in order, but the case is still open for unknown reason. Certain sources say that he was supplying information to certain violent Clan fronts and was acting as an undercover agent, while clans supplied him with black market medication that he could keep on working and therefore providing information. It is believed that during his imprisonment preceding the memory wipe, he was ”captured” by a hostile military group and was transfered to location unknown.

Mr. Deraynes is now believed to work as a mercenary for numerous clan fronts, as well as co-operating with certain neutral factions.

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