Important: Read before posting here!

For the story teller in all of us; behind the normal day to day battles, there's always an untold tale waiting to be born. Here's the place to do it. No OOC please, in-character/in-game stories here only!
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Important: Read before posting here!

Postby enigma » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:55 pm

((Many of us in RKS at last weeks meeting decided to go one step further then normal.. due to the technical and mechanical difficulties FC/AO has been having, it has made a lot of us extremely frustrated, to the point where anger is a common emotion.. well while FC is getting itself back on track with the new servers and such, some of us decided we wanted to bring life back to a community that is sadly dwindling in numbers and lacking in content.. Role-playing. This is an MMORPG after all.. why not take the stories already provided to us, the background and history.. and make it work for US? So that's what this section of the forums is for, tis is a place to put your creative mind to work and make the stories better, act them out and be the person you chose to be on Rubi-Ka.. Have fun with this guys, give me something to read and enjoy when I can't join you in game! :)

There's no actual rules or boundaries as to how far your mind can take your story.. I only ask 3 things in this particular section of the forum;

I) Keep OOC (out of character) posts out of this area, if you must, for some reason.. post something not IC (in-character) then traditionally it's done like I started my post (( or - or [ .. any way that shows you're going from IC to OOC :P

II) Don't ruin someone elses story with immature arguments and disagreements.. take it outside to a mod please

III) Enjoy, keep the spirit of AO alive even if the FC hamsters are on life support at the moment :wink:

You can do this ingame too by going to your AO account page and clicking the check box that says you'd like to participate in the role-playing events often held by ARKs and GMs

Thanks all, Rene))
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