A very Successful Day!!!

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A very Successful Day!!!

Postby Ndure » Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:31 am

Hi everyone,
As most of you well know by now, we did some awesomeness this weekend! Aliens on Rubi Ka can now be very afraid when they notice a group of Spirit Walkers/RKShadows gathering near them!! Many, many, many thanks to everyone who joined up to terrify and pound the green outa those nasty Bugz!!!!! We proved that we can do this stuff as Orgs! :D Special thanks to our tank Jed (and primary organizer) our awesome Docs(hats off to Cap on his first primary Doc position....bet that scared the heck outa ya :D ), Yabb (fabulous calling!) and everyone who displayed to us all what these Orgs can do when we put our ideas to plans and our plans to actions!!! We have the people, the skillsets And the talent to tread where ever we please through out the world of Rubi Ka people! Hold your heads high!!!!!

Your humble servant,
bye bye Gen.png
Rewards a plenty inside the carcass of one of these :D
I wont say here what I said when this was over....ask Xira for the quote :). The most aliens I EVER saw in one ambush!!!!!!
Let the deed show.

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