Inferno Key Patterns

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Inferno Key Patterns

Postby Didone » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:38 pm

I just started to solo in inf to make patterns for inf keys (omni and clan), maybe someone wanna join me :) we can sell them and make a lot of money OR organize a org team for key quest. we can decide later. send me a tell if u wanna join me, usualy im online in the afternoon and/or late evening (GMT+1). If u like, you can also add me on your MSN, my address is on my profile.

you can find the list of poket bosses here:
omni key: ... k=2&id=343
clan key: ... k=2&id=248
my characters:
Main: Valhallah, Doc 220/26/69
Sharilly, MA 200/9/13

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