Meeting Notes June 27th 2010 - An you are there.

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Meeting Notes June 27th 2010 - An you are there.

Postby Egri » Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:18 pm

[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: We have a new Acting Minister of Roleplaying...Squad Commander Mibrazen
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: for anyone who shares an interest in Roleplaying she would enjoy all the help and participation we could give her.
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: as well.....within the Leadership of our Orgs we have been working on updating our Code...our Recruitment Policies....and developing other positions within Orgs....such as Vice Presidents....and Ministers of various functions
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: the two documents concerning Code and Recruitment are in final stages for presentation to all Members....due to the fine work of particularly Egri and Xiquelle....but with the interest and involvement of many other Generals
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: once these documents are considered final they will be posted into forums for all to view.....and i would expect.....critique :)
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: the Ministries we are developing within Org structures...atm...are Minister of Events....Minister of Rewards and Discipline....and Minister of War
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: we are also considering Vice Presidents within Orgs...this position is to eventually groom someone for succession of the Presidency...and will....i hope...become a member elected posting
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: kk now some other stuff[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: we need bits for surprise city buildings!!!
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] Bhalkhaan: will there be 2 vice presidents?
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: questions to follow please Khaan?
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: yes
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: i would hope.
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] Bhalkhaan: kk.... but there will only be one of each minister?
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: those are the Generals...we are asking ourselves now....
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] Bhalkhaan: ok :)
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: trust me...there will be heavy consultation before we develop a plan we think is good enough to present to Membership
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: kk moving on
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] Bhalkhaan: in Ndure we trust xD
[Spirit Walkers] Melcratist: about the city building... may i throw my opinion ?
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: our city shops are a mess......i have been quite lenient in letting the naming thing go....and now im getting complaints about prime locations being held by members who dont play and active players being forced to open shops in less ideal locations
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] [Guest] Mrbojit: lmao
[Spirit Walkers] Swbot: [RK ShadowS] [Guest] Mrbojit: thats pathetic
[Spirit Walkers] Melcratist: wut ?
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: lol ya....but it is a complaint
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: i did some cleaning had come to my attention then....some shops had been moved...almost randomly...cause i dint close them
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: 2 people in particular had their shops either closed or moved
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: so.....if i cant recognize who's shop it is.....and i do close it....dont go nuts!!! just get me and we will fix it!
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: i do a cleaning about once a ur all safe for now.....but this random closing....well i dont know what is causing that
[Spirit Walkers] Ndure: and since that was shop speech.....any questions?

The rest was about the new org buildings... visit that thread for more info.
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