Weekly raid organization

Organize AI, IS, tier or RK raids and other org activities in this forum
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Weekly raid organization

Postby Racingstripe » Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:29 am

To jump on the suggestions presented in todays discussion, i am going to start hosting weekly AI raids in RKS city on Sundays. I have toons in the 70's, 150's and 190 range and i've got the CRU to do raids in each level once a week.

What i need to figure out is:
1) How many want raids at these levels and would attend.
2) What times are best for your toons to attend.

As i am in California, i can host these raids early morning, afternoon and mid evening local time. I want to include as many RKS/SW as I can so let me know what level and when would be best for you.

If i get enough participation for several levels at a specific time, i may rotate which levels raid at different times each week so that we all get a chance. Yes, that means getting the right times and levels to benifit our Euro and Aussie members also as they are most in need of Org support.

If i can get this operating for all of us, i want to expand the sunday raids to include organized LE and S10 raids, and, when i get there, all the APF's.

So here we go. Let me know your level and best time and i'll start getting this going.
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Re: Weekly raid organization

Postby mes » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:15 am

i'm always up for aliens, just be noisy enough when building team :P
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Re: Weekly raid organization

Postby unopposed » Sun May 10, 2009 12:56 am

Bump for updates on raid organization!


Re: Weekly raid organization

Postby Manetic09 » Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:20 pm

:idea: BUMP :idea:

I have a 71 doc who would like to be raiding and right now my raid buddy is only pow. I WANT MORE RAID BUDDIES! So lets get some organization going on and put this into action. I really like this thread and so i will continue to active it. Thankyou

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Re: Weekly raid organization

Postby Egri » Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:16 pm

I agree. I like doing org stuff. We can get some really nice things going if we try.
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