Saturday's HI raid (Analysis)

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Saturday's HI raid (Analysis)

Postby Contradictor » Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:48 pm

Alright, we all know Im one to say what's on my mind, so here we go, buckle your seatbelts:

All in all, I think it went well. We succeeded, which is all anyone hoped for. Gz Kyle on hacking our raidbot and getting phatz =P

However...some helpful hints:

1) ASSIST! Assisting is one of, if not the, most important thing to do. Not assisting can get a raid killed in a very short time. Assist macros are posted for a reason, use them! I will (hopefully) be leading some, if not most, of RKS/SW's raids, and I *will* remove you from a raid for not assisting. Should I not be leading, hopefully the person leading the raid will be as merciless as I am.

2) Orders are orders: What the raidleader says is law. The raidleader, I can almost guarantee, knows the raid better than you do (I say almost because sometimes this isnt the case, like me, I had never done the Weed before. But I LD'd, so meh :P). The raidleader may know some tricks or ambushes. Hell, even if theyre a noob shouting random crap, LISTEN! Its like the military, you may not like what your superior says, but dammit, do it anyway.

3) Have I mentioned assisting yet?

Im sure there are more, and Ill update when/if I remember the others things I wanted to say. Guys, Im not trying to be mean and heartless. When you get to Rumblecom/Hellcom/Campalot/Kapf42/whatever, they are not very friendly if you act like a moron. And the last thing anyone wants is you embarassing yourself and others. As such, I feel it is in our best interest to, when we raid, at least act partly like a real raidbot. No one will kick you from raids willy-nilly, but it is expected that you listen to orders and do what is expected of you, or nastiness will ensue.

I kinda made this post spur of the moment, so if Rene/any other officer has something to say here, or smack me for being mean, they are welcome to :P
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Postby enigma » Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:55 pm

Not gonna smack you, to tired to if I wanted to anyways. I do agree 100% that assisting is key to a successful raid, but as you noticed that day even I had issues with it as noted by myself hollering about my assist on you, coming up on the champ, not the add as you were on. My macro is normally set spur of the moment for the puller and assist heal, actually I have x2 macros on my bar.. 1 puller, in that case was you, 2 - tank assist heal. Didn't matter which one I hit, I even made a general /assist and clicked on you and still got the Champ.. so I dunno what happened that day.

But yes I do agree with Brad about assisting being a very important part of a successful raid.. have seen many wipe because lack of assisting.. and there is a command to make a !assist macro on someone in that bot btw, only thing I didn't like was I couldn't make an assist heal on but w/e that's me.. my main assist is on puller and secondary healer even if I'm not in KT.

*stickied this btw as it is important for people to learn this as we do more high lvl raids.
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Postby NivvyNiv » Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:28 am

noooooooo i missed a HI raid?! :(
i was out!! :'(
darn i been waiting for one for months lol
hope we do another soon :P
*hint hint*
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Postby Ndure » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:50 pm

As mostly a healing type Advy i have become used to using Assist.... usually have one for puller one for tank one for DD and one general one(to see who the mob is currently hitting). These i keep on a seperate hotbar that is not active and i use mouse for. I find it is imperative that ppl learn to use assist as in a big raid/zerg it become virtually impossible to find the right target. Mostly from the little experience i have in raids i do know that if less than 60% of the ppl in the raid use Assist... it's gonna be a wipe...ppl start to panic. That said.... i really can accept the fact that ppl want to defend themselves when they get attacked by a random mob....usually to no good effect in a high level want i have done in that circumstance is have another macro..... /shout HELP!!!!!!! Also i have found that even with macros..... u still gotta pay attention to what is happening to ur own dont forget to also keep ur eyes on ur team window and use ur F keys accordingly. Some ppl gonna say "hmmm i was trying to assist but the person wasnt attacking anything......that does happen....Spam the key! least ur following orders and u got the Target is not in a fight spam to prove it. Another thing i do in raids is take every option outa chat so all i see is comments from ppl and orders from raidleader i dont need to see how much damage im doing as long as i know im firing i gotta be helping a bit. Dont wanna tell ppl how to conduct themselves in a raid but Contra is right...if u dont follow rules in big raidbots they wont waste time letting u participate. That said... overall we did a great job....getting to Weed on my first HI raid??? Not many ppl can say that... Oh.... and i wanna also say... i wasnt hiding behind the girls I was backing them up!!!!!
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